Cathedral Upgrades

The Catholic Sun is reporting on the next phase of Syracuse’s Mother Church, the historic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in the heart of downtown Syracuse.

After a century of wear leading to leaking roofs, cracking floors, outdated utilities, and inadequate facilities, among other damage and decay, the diocese convened a committee to create a plan to restore the historic church. The committee was chaired by Jim Tuozzolo, chairman of the Facility Planning Committee of the diocese, and included COR Development, Hueber-Breuer, Pyramid Brokerage, members of the Cathedral parish, and members of the diocesan Finance Council, according to John Barsanti, diocesan Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

Cathedral Schedule

Schedule Highlights for this Two-Phase Construction Project:

• The sanctuary area will be completed by Easter.
• The side pews were removed March 1. After Easter, all the pews will be removed and refurbished, and returned in August.
• The new roof will begin to be installed the Monday after Easter and completed by June 1.
• The “dirty” work of preparing the walls for painting, tearing out the floor, and installing the new heating and ventilation system will be complete by June 1.
• Starting June 1, the “clean” work begins with painting the walls, cleaning the ceiling, installing the new floor, and many other items.

“With the talents, support, and hard work of the diocesan Facilities team, support from the City of Syracuse, the architectural firm of QPK, the construction firm of Hueber-Breuer, the dedication of all the sub-contractors on the project, and the patience of the Cathedral staff, the total project should come in on time and on budget,” John Barsanti stated in materials provided to the Sun. “That in itself is a credit to the Facility Planning Committee and the Cathedral Planning Committee of the diocese.”

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